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Winter Solstice at Wisdom in the Land Bluecray Blog

I combined your Chart with the Winter Solstice time, Susi, to see how things looked, there, for you.

Winter Solstice at Swan Hill 21st June 2009 from Whatwatch at papertv.com
combined chart, showing Susi's Chart with the time of the 2009 Winter Solstice

Things I can see are:-
The Green lines in the chart above show harmonious flows of energies between the following areas of your life, over the coming days
  • life long vision and current philosophical and visionary stance and courageous healing
  • creative mind re-programming and re-focusing of daily living patterns and lifestyles
  • discovering, listening to and hearing deep, inner, hidden "voices" of intense creativity and wonder
  • ease of transforming powers through times of change
Many of us may find little things irrationally irritating us, around this time. The line up of planets is intense, with a number of conjunctions occurring.
I have written a few articles at the bluecray blogspot - Wisdom in the Land
The Moon is the interesting one to watch.

THE Moon (emotional centre) is just leaving the conjunct Venus (harmony) and Mars (direction), in the Morning Sky, today, Saturday 20th June 2009 as I speak.
The Moon (emotions) will be conjunct Mercury (ideas), tomorrow morning, for the Winter Solstice - then not quite two days later, it is the "Dark of the Moon". This is traditionally a deeply magical timing of the Seasons, Solar System and beyond.

Why I am telling this to you, is because of your deep love for the River System close by to you, and our respect of the great Murray-Darling System of Australia. I am telling you because I know that you, FB and others there "vibrate" the Mallee.

During these next few days of Winter Solstice, dark of the moon and Conjunction after Conjuntion of various planets, there are a couple of things to be noted in your chart, Susi.

  • The HARMONIOUS Transiting Venus Mars conjunction with your own Natal Venus, Mars and Sun cluster.
  • The Current Conjunction of Saturn and Ceres is contained within area of your own Venus, Sun and Mars cluster, up there in your 10th and 11th houses. Saturn and Ceres are connected strongly to the "food bowl" of humanity, as is the Murray River System. Prayer, now, whilst all these planets harmonise, can be extremely powerful.
It is as if you can literally embrace Saturn (system, order, pattern)and Ceres (harvest, daily bread), with your own Mars (directions)and Venus (harmonies), and then bless them all with your Sun (heart). And this, dear Susi, is powerful spiritual focus.
Now, all of this type of focus can be done rather easily within your meditations and daily activities. But also, some of your work may be to do with highly creative ideas that you have now, but maybe are not quite able to do, right at this exact time. If you have any, that you think are worthy of nurture, put them in your diary, and work on them, slowly over time. Some may pay off over the coming year.
Well, I have said enough here, happy solstice dear friend, and enjoy Vibrating the Mallee!!!!!
Quite a party!!!

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Benoit et Al 8th June 2009

Here is Benoit sitting nicely on my arm. I have been teaching him to land on my arm, and today, when he landed, he seemed rather at ease, and had a little talk with me. 
All the baby crows - Benoit, Lucy and Baba are doing really well, as are the parents, Benoit has grown into the biggest, the fattest, the greediest, and Lucy is still the one that everyone loves. Baba is the most distant - and actually looks the smallest at the moment, but I guess that could change.
Benoit loves to eat - I took a small mouse that I had caught, outside onto the roadway, for the Crows to catch. As I let it go, the Father Crow swooped quickly after it, just missing, as it dashed into the thick grass. The Father Crow, Benoit and Lucy spent about five minutes looking in the grass for the mouse, but they never found it.

I gave them some mandarine and a some meat offcuts then, and they were very happy about that.  Benoit is now showing alot more expression, in his eyes, at me, and I wish that I knew what he was saying, sometimes, when he comes to visit.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Benoit et al

Here is Benoit demonstrating Corvus in my Midheaven, which it was when I was born.
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Susi B's Blog: How Heart-Warming is this?

From:Susi B's Blog: How Heart-Warming is this?

More thirsty Koalas

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